A team of creative and attentive professionnals will greet you each morning with a warm smile — tuned in to your children's needs throughout the day.

  • Capacity of 78 places
  • 19 places for babies 5 to 18 months
  • 59 places for children 18 months to 5 years

Our mission is to offer a quality daycare service. Our dynamic team's know-how is put to extensive use in service of our unique clientele in order to provide the best of our experience and training. The high level of expertise of our administration group and our educators distinguishes us from other daycares in the area.

Healthy meals are prepared on location by our chef, following the guidelines of the Canadian Food Guide. Our daily menu is composed of a breakfast, two (2) snacks, and a warm meal. Even desserts are freshly prepared by our chef in our own kitchen!

Our private building offers:

  • Large parking lot dedicated to parents, facilitating access during rush hour
  • 24-hour surveilance cameras in corridors and classes
  • Secure entrance
  • Fenced, private yard, behind the Daycare


Our classrooms, distributed on two floors, consist of two (2) distinct rooms for babies, and five (5) simple classes and one (1) double class. This:

  • Promotes learning and development in children by minimizing noise and distractions present in double classes (8 children per class vs. 16)
  • Enables the Daycare to assemble classes with less age differences between children
  • Allows age-specific educational programming better suited to each level
  • Each classroom has direct access to a toilet, eliminating unsupervised child traffic


A large playard behind the Daycare consists of:

  • A very large sand box
  • A wide rubberized pathway to prevent accidents
  • Many stimulating play structures