Our daycare's educational program targets the overall development of a child, with particular attention on intellectual, language, motor, and social skills development.

The educational program is based on the Ministère de la Famille's "Accueillir la petite enfance" directive. Each day, a child experiences directed activities as well as various play areas within the classroom: pretend play, handling (blocks, cars, figurines), arts and crafts, and reading. The varied experiences of those ateliers further your child's development.


  • Introduction to sciences (natural and human)
  • Arts (painting, crafts)
  • Introduction to writing
  • Introduction to reading (images, book handling)
  • Physical education (psychomotricity, getting in shape)
  • Sports programs (morning warm-up)
  • Introduction to music, to mathematics, etc...


  • Seasonal outings (apples, pumpkins, sugar shack)
  • Educational outings (Biodôme, Arboretum)
  • Special guests (magician, scientific workshops, police, fire department)
  • Work-out and movement (yoga, hip-hop, karate, ballet)
  • Introduction to music

*Additional fees depending on activity